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CORE - The web site is the core of any internet presence. It is the epicenter of information, media, functionality & interaction

CHANNELS - A small percentage of users access the web site directly, mostly access is through "channeled" networks. Shaping strategies, tools & techniques to leverage access to social networks (like Facebook, and MySpace), professional networks (like Linkedin), trading and trade networks are key deliverables. This includes major search engines (Google, Bing etc.)

TOOLS & SERVICES - Are about successfully leveraging Google and other major Internet players services to deliver video, serve up image content, provide for email, undertake video conferencing, show calendar events, provide instant messaging, do mapping, provide location services and Analytics.
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The diagram opposite shows the the tools and services we leverage in building a web presence. Clearly this is not an exhaustive list, nor does it imply what will be right in one presence.


In building and operating an internet presence, we bring four important things into play: (i) experience, which covers 30 years of building & implementing solutions; (ii) Technology: mastery of key internet technologies; (iii) Methodology: built from a track record of successful engagements, and; (iv) a Business Model that addresses risk, management and affordability

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