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- Design, Build & Implement
- Web Site & Analytics
- Video & Images (photos)
- eMail, Documents & Cloud
- Telephony & Messaging
- Hosting, Support & Evolving

- Google +
- Facebook
- YouTube
- Picasa/Flickr

now vital organizational, communication and business platform


is the way an organization effectively uses the Internet's potential


the law of diminishing return - 20% of effort usually delivers 80% of potential

80:20 Productions is about
Focus - We build compelling web sites for individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Our web sites, and the related technology, serve as the center of our clients Internet Presence (IP). We design & build IP's to deliver real client measurable benefits. And we do this using our considerable business and technology know-how.

Leverage - We don't build technology from the ground up, rather we leverage the best Cloud and web technology available. That means Google for images, supporting services like email, telephony and video. We use a collection of mainstream web site technologies that maximize operational effectiveness and draw on European & USA graphic artists/technologists

Development Cost - We fund the design & build of our clients IP - not our clients. And in doing so, work closely with them to reflect their needs and the Internet's competitive advantage.

Operation - Clients pay a monthly fee that includes operation and support - for a small business that can be as little as $100 pm. That monthly fee includes on-going support & on-going development and technical support .
No Risk - we commit to provide our service to our clients for as long as they pay - clients can cancel at any time, even before they pay anything. Clients are licensed to use our design and base technology in perpetuity; we hold the copyright so be can reuse our work and protect our design uniqueness.

- We design and build an IP through prototyping, which means that we work iteratively with clients to build the site in the fastest possible time, with maximum client involvement. We expect things to change continuously through the life of the IP, and that is particularly the case in the early days. We're happy to arrange for you to talk to our clients to better understand their experience.

Inclusive Cost - In addition to the web site/IP and its continued development, our monthly fee includes web site hosting and operational support. As part of the process we help build/integrate "channels" like Facebook & Google+

Our Process - Our goal is to provide 80% of the benefit for 20% of the investment and time it takes to deliver, which means less investment for us, faster results for you.